Uncertainkey Bronze Limited Edition (May) (Pre-Order)

Orders are now closed! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered. We are now getting ready to start production on the metal components of the Uncertainkey. Stay tuned for pictures on our IG!



The Uncertainkey is a solid bronze keycap with clear 3D printed resin core and stem.

The Uncertainkey is a pre-order item only, as production can take 1-3 months. Sales will continue through May 25 or when all items are out of stock. It will be limited to 50 units of each profile.

Production of the keycap should be finished in early August for packing and shipping. This particular keycap will not be made again in this material/style. If the metal components finish earlier, the keycaps will be going out as soon as possible!

Because this is a limited one-time run, each keycap will be numbered and labeled with the stem type on the box. 

Please do not combine this purchase with any other keycap. Other keys will be shipping sooner and separately from the Uncertainkey. Thanks


What is the weight of the keycap(s).

  • They weigh betwen 7-8 grams.




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