Genkey RGB (Hand Painted)

Once the young heir to a sprawling criminal empire, the Genkey has been rebuilt into a robotic keycap that honorably types against injustice. Now for the first time ever, you can touch the key of the dragon spirit. To further aid in his struggle, you can order the hand-painted variant, which enhances his armor with carbon fiber or steel paint. If you wish to fight alongside the Genkey from the shadows, you can order the White Ninja which pierces the souls of all who are evil.


Details *Please Read!*

Grey/White/Black will be shipping as early asJune 13th 

Painted will be shipping starting June 18th

 If you would like your Genkey un-assembled, please mention that in the comment box in the cart page before checkout.

RGB Genkey includes:

Shine-through visor.

White, Grey and Black Genkeys have clear, non-colored visors

Purple and Silver Genkey has Purple transparent visor

Yellow and Black Genkey has Golden transparent visor

White Genkey has Red transparent visor

Carbon Genkey has Blue transparent visor (photos coming soon)




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