Companion Cap - Cherry MX Keycap

Companion Cap - Cherry MX Keycap


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Is your mechanical keyboard lonely? Does it seek qwerty advice? Then this "Companion Cap" is just the perfect cap for your mechanical keyboard. It comes in 2 styles, Primed Gray for $9.99 that is ready for your custom paint work or a full color version done by hand (by me!!) for $39.99. The Companion Cap is 3D Printed at the highest resolution we can do at 25 Micron in resin making it extremely sharp and detailed. The key is also hefty weighing in at 2 grams!

Basic primed gray versions usually ship the very next day after order, hand painted ones can take up to a week to deliver depending on my current workload.

All Keycaps from Clackeys Brand Keycaps are 3D Printed in Highest Resolution possible with a photo-polymer resin. That means they are extremely durable and high-detail!

We proudly back all our products 100% and if you are unhappy with your product or it breaks from shipping or normal usage within 30 days we will happily replace it free of charge. After 30 days, if you happen to break/damage/lose the key we also can't have you keyless, so we will gladly replace or fix the key free of charge but you will need to cover the shipping.

Happy Clacking!