ProDOS Templar - Cherry MX Keycap

ProDOS Templar - Cherry MX Keycap


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En taro Adun!! Introducing my take on a ProDOS Templar. This meticulously designed and sculpted keycap is the perfect unit to add to your keycap army. With the ProDOS Templar, your keyboard will have a chance to stand up against the Zerg invasion!

You have your option of Clear, Primed Grey, Black, Bronze, and the special edition Bronze - RGB edition that comes with clear Orbs!


We proudly back all our products 100% and if you are unhappy with your product, it doesn't fit propery or it breaks from shipping or normal usage within 30 days we will happily replace it free of charge! Please contact us right away in the event that any of this happens!

After 30 days, if you happen to break/damage/lose the custom painted key we also can't have you Keyless, so we will gladly replace or fix the key for 50% of the original charge + shipping.