• Blanks

    Below is our collection of blank keycaps that come in basic colors like grey, black and sometimes clear. These keycaps are intended to be painted or enjoyed without color.


TK-421, why aren't you at your post? TK-421, do you copy? Because of your monumental failure in helping the rebel scum ESCape, I’m afraid we will have no choice but to place your remains inside a keycap. Your new designation is now TKey-421, and we shall distribute you to civilians across the galaxy in grey, clear, black and hand-painted varieties to remind everyone of your error. Take heed, the rest of you. This is what happens when you cross The Empire.

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Now you can summon an undead army from your very own keyboard faster than you can type Klaatu Barada N-... Necktie? Nectar? Nickel? Whatever it is, the Necronomicap is the dream keycap for lovers of the occult, with a fully openable cover and a ghastly, scowling face that stares into your soul. For the brave few who dare buy the hand-painted option, the Necronomicap also comes with handwritten spells on its pages, allowing even you to tap into the forbidden powers of the eldritch tome!

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One Eyed Willie

Heeeey, youuu guyyys! Unearth a real treasure with One Eyed Willie, the legendary pirate that sailed the seas and plundered all manner of doubloons and keys-of-eight! With an evil right eye that glows against the harsh light of an RGB keyboard and a menacing, pearl-encrusted eyepatch, this buccaneer will strike fear into any keycap that dares steal his fortune. If you go on a voyage with a hand-painted Willie, you can even customize the color of his bandana to your greedy heart’s content!

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Now your keyboard can fly through the skies with the Cappa, the first airbender among the keycaps! With this fluffy bison buddy, which comes in clear, grey, and hand-painted species, you can live life like the Air Nomads from the sanctity of your computer room. Own a Cappa today, and soar through the reaches of cyberspace. Yip-yip!

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Bring home some beautiful booty by buying the ASSCII today. This bodacious bottom will cap off your keyboarding experience with panties that light up from their heart-shaped opening with the help of an LED keeb. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky, you can also order a hand-painted tush, which comes in a variety of skin and underwear colors for a rumpy good time.

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Kiss Key

Give your keyboard a big, fat smooch with the Kisskey, a must-have for any romantic occasion. Whether it be Valentine’s Day or an important anniversary, the lucky one who gets this lip service will feel your love from miles away. For those of you wishing to plant a special, hand-painted kiss, you can choose from a wide array of lip colors for that extra peck of intimacy.

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Companion Cap

Ever feel a little lonely? Ever feel afraid that a psychotic, murderous fuel system de-icer will fill your room with neurotoxin and ruin your day? Worry not. The Companion Cap is here to be you and your keyboard’s new best friend in the whole wide world. It will never threaten to stab you, or leave you, or rip out its fellow keycap brethren. It won’t even care if you’re adopted. However, we are required to remind you that the Companion Cap cannot, in fact, speak. In the event that it does, we encourage you to ignore its advice.

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The Clackodemon, inspired by the giant red flying eye ball soul eating monster, the cacodemon, from the original video game Doom.  Let's take a trip back to 1993, boot up that blazing fast 486 processor with 8 Megabytes of ram and kill some Mars demons!

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Pub Key Lvl 3.

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