Q: How long does my item take to ship?

A: Creation and delivery time vary. Prime/Clear/Black variants are usually shipped within 1 week. Hand Painted keycaps can take 1-4 weeks to be sent out depending on the order queue. Feel free to contact us for delivery estimations.

Q: Are these 3D Printed?

A: Yes, each keycap is meticulously designed and sculpted in ZBrush and then 3D printed.

Q: Why is shipping to anywhere but the USA so expensive?

A: We feel your pain and I wish I could make international shipping cheaper. Sadly, those are the most competitive prices I can get through my online shipping tools. I encourage group buying and using courier services if that option is available to you.

Q: What kind of paints should I use to paint the primed keycaps?

A: Any miniature-grade acrylic paint works great. I like to use Game Color by Vallejo. Be sure to thin your paints! Applying more coats of thinned paint produces a smoother texture than one thick coat. 

Q: What kind of clear coat should I use on hand painted keycaps?

A: I personally use 2-3 light coats of Montana Gold Acrylic Matte Varnish.