Destikey (Hand Painted)

You’re alive. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you. I’m a Destikey. Actually, now I’m your Destikey. I’ve been given life by the Traveler to seek out those who can fight the keycaps that serve the Darkness, and after many years, my search led me to you. Should you choose to accept me, I will use my Light and arm your keyboard with the powers needed to defend your galaxy. I even come in grey, clear, and several hand-painted color platings to best serve your objectives. Together, we will fight back the Darkness and give humanity the future it deserves. Just don’t call me Little Light.


Assembled Destikeys come with packaging due to them being very fragile in the mail. 

  • Un-Assembled keycaps are easier to paint, keep that in mind when checking out.


 Not sure what STEM to pick? See our Compatibility Guide. 

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