• Art for mechanical keyboards

    Combining Digital Sculpting and 3D Printing to create unique artisan keycaps.

About the Artist

Robert, aka Polysculpture is a veteran VFX and Video Game digital artist. In 2016 Robert shifted his focus and started Clackeys with the goal of creating unique, artisan keycaps for Mechanical Keyboards.

What the key clackers are saying...

My Blue base HydralESC looks amazing! I'm so happy with the detail in the paint job and the sculpt itself. Can't wait to get a few more to adorn my Pok3r.

Amel Masinovic

Love it. Adds a little sASS to my keyboard. 🍑


Awesome key. Looks and feels great, not practical, but what artisans are? ☺️

Adam Kenton

Pretty unique keycap and an excellent paint job! Can't wait to see future keycaps!


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